How to Outsource?


To begin with, we will set up a meeting for us to learn more about your company, business requirements and evaluate your objectives. We will similarly answer any inquiries you may have about our business and provide an overview about the outsourcing industry. This discussion maybe made via web conference, a voice call, email trade, or personal meeting.

Creating a Plan

The discussion will result to a report pertaining to our evaluation and recommended outsourcing set-up. The report will specify will manpower and infrastructure requirements, timelines and estimated budget. This arrangement is subject to further discussions until we reach mutual agreement on all sections of the proposal.

Recruiting Your Staff

Once the plan is in place, we will begin our recruitment process for your program. The process will cover advertising, pre-screening of all candidates via written examinations, personal interviews. Our clients may opt to conduct the final interview to recommended candidates before we finalize their employment.

Set Up

After finalizing the above, we will appoint the essential office space, workstations and system framework to your group. When selecting and any preparation is done, your group can begin its work.


Our IT team will provide a 24/7 support for your staff and guarantee that your offshore operations will run efficiently. We will also provide you a CCTV access to enable you to watch and see the operation. We will enable you to manage your team effectively by providing you constant report, updates and communication to implement any of your instructions, policies and procedure.


As we move forward, our team will continually help you find ways to enhance the performance of your group and offer you a more quality service. Your success is our success. We are committed to help you achieve your very goal.